Our feature film APOCALYPTIC HORROR is now available on Amazon Prime - free to subscribers.


JUDGE has been officially selected for the 2018 HORROR-ON_SEA film festival - screening on January 19th 8pm opening night.




Oct 2017 Update

JUDGE shooting went smoothly and is now in post production for music and soundtrack. 


MISTER SAMHAIN trailer and film released - limited time only over the Friday 13th Weekend.


BIG NEWS soon regarding our short films from 2012 - 2016. As you will see you can no longer view them on youtube as we are in the process of something special.


Horror on Sea Film festival confirmed kicks off Jan 19th 2018 for a full week of horror from around the globe. We may be in attendance but will confirm more details in the coming weeks.


Sept 2017 Update


Shooting a new thriller short on Sat 30th Sept called JUDGE.  I wrote the screenplay after an incident at a pub whilst on holiday during the summer.


It will be the first time I get to use my GH5 4K so fingers crossed I get some good stuff. This will be all shot in one day although editing, sound music adr etc will take a while.


Sad to hear the MHHFF festival has decided to cease. I and my crew had fun times in Denver over a number of years and made some great friends and had a superb time. I hope that in the future this festival returns.


This Halloween will see the youtube release of my Horror Documentary MISTER SAMHAIN. the film had a few festival selections and in honor of its main subject Corey it will be posted online on Halloween.


Mike Tack


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