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MIKE TACK is the Director of Apocalyptic Conservatory Studios.


He is the Director / writer / cinematographer / producer / editor / digital fx and sometimes musician who dreams up his very own brand of cinema which includes Short Films, Idents & Music Videos .


MIKE TACK FILMS are a close family filmmaking group which Mike oftens compares the great HAMMER FILMS. Lots of production value for low budget! 


October 24th saw the release of his debut feature film on Amazon Prime movies - APOCALYPTIC HORROR an anthology of short film works from 2013 - 2017


His latest short JUDGE has been officially selected for the 2018 Horror-on-sea film festival. Each film offers new challenges and JUDGE involved his Dog Bandit as the 3rd actor and it was shot in 4K on the new Panasonic GH5.


A full narrative feature will be in the works once the final script and funding are secured.